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Friends of Goose Creek Schools 2019 Bond is a group of like-minded citizens, parents, teachers, and business owners who have joined together to support the passage of the Goose Creek CISD 2019 Bond. Learn how to get involved here!

What's in the 2019 Bond?

The Goose Creek CISD 2019 Bond will fund new construction and renovation projects, as well as safety & security and technology infrastructure upgrades, across our district. Invest in our students, invest in our community... invest in our FUTURE!

Vote "FOR!" With Us!

The Goose Creek CISD 2019 Bond cannot pass without YOUR SUPPORT! The future of our students, our district and our community is depending on your vote FOR the 2019 Bond. Click here to find out when and where you can vote FOR our future.

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Baytown Chamber of Commerce

Highlands-Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce

Chesmar Homes

Brandon Capetillo
Mayor, City of Baytown

Pete Alfaro
Former Mayor, City of Baytown

Wayne Smith
Former State Representative,
District 128

Robert C. Hoskins
Baytown City Council

Laura Alvarado
Baytown City Council

David Himsel
Baytown City Council

Charles Johnson
Baytown City Council

Jessica Woods
GCCISD Trustee & Board Candidate, District 3

Jimmy Smith
Former GCCISD Trustee &
Board Candidate, District 6

Steve DonCarlos
Former Mayor, City of Baytown

Reggie Brewer
Baytown Chamber of Commerce

Jenice Coffey
Former GCCISD Trustee

Howard Sampson
GCCISD Trustee, District 1

Agustin Loredo
GCCISD Trustee, District 2

Tom Gentry
Former GCCISD Trustee

Peter Adams
GCCISD Board Candidate, District 3

Jeff Hawkins
GCCISD Board Candidate, District 6

Tiffany Guy
GCCISD Board Candidate, District 6

Shae Cottar
GCCISD Board Candidate, District 7

Amparo Martinez
GCCISD Board Candidate, District 7

Fred Aguilar
Racquel Aguilar
Yacel Amador
Leila Bates
Sandra Bell
Brandon Benoit
Carl Brandon
Blake Cather
Angela Chandler
Kathy Clausen
Keith Coburn
Gigi Cockrell
Don Coffey
Billy Combs
Judy Cushman DuBose
Sarah Davis
Mary Anne de la Rosa
Jeanette Early
Roger Elswick
Jay Eshbach
Mirna Espinoza
Victoria Fayle
David Frazier
Lupe Garza
Adelina Gomez Abshire

Judy Gregory
Gina Guillory
Debbie Himsel
Mark Himsel
Pam L. Hoskins
Dallas Hughes
Holly Jackson
Katherine Jaeger
Stephanie Juarez
David Kadjar
Linda Krisher
Jeffery McDonald
Robin McDougald
Betty McGilvray
Jim McGilvray
Peck Meier
Brian Miller
Brenda L. Moore
Terry Nevorski
Art Ochoa
Candy Ochoa
Karla Opryshek
Fran Parent
Thomas Parent
Joy Powers

Sam Powers
Kathryn Saenger
Terry Sain
Gilbert Santana
Rusty Senac
Bijal Shukla
Claire Sinclair
Michelle Slaughter
Brenda Smith
Cheryl Snell
David Snell
David Swain
Carol Theiss
Chet Theiss
Randy A. Thomas
Marisa Tong
Cesar Valverde
Daisy Villatoro
Jim Wadzinski
Rikki Wheeler
DiAnne Wilson
Mike Wilson
Virgina Woods
Savannah Zinter

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